Charlie Marler

Hey All,

I’m back again and this time I’m sharing a few shots I love. These are of Natalie’s boy Charlie, you can view Natalie’s maternity shots with her daughter here¬†or the portrait shots here.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


CharlieMarler_January 27, 2013-205-Edit.jpgCharlieMarler_January 27, 2013-21-Edit.jpgCharlieMarler_January 27, 2013-26.jpgCharlieMarler_January 27, 2013-45.jpgCharlieMarler_January 27, 2013-47.jpgCharlieMarler_January 27, 2013-68.jpg

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John Dunville


Here are a few portraits taken of my cousin before he started Uni. These were taken back in September and not got round to editing until now. John has joined Uni to study robotics, I’m looking forward to him coming back and teaching me a thing or two (hundred) about coding and how it all works. It seems we are both geeks like that – just he’s gonna make things walk and talk and stuff and I… well… I can post up “Hello World”. You can see from a couple of shots that he plays guitar too – pretty good at it as well, a proper lil rocker! He may not want me to say but a wee while back he went through a (small but definitive) phase of having a bit of a mop – problem there was that the cut looked too much like Justin Beiber’s. Suffice to say he got a ribbin from me and another cousin until it changed ūüėČ

In all though, you could say I’m quite proud of my young cousin ¬†– and you wouldn’t be far from the truth.


John_Uni_20120913_028.jpgJohn_Uni_20120913_036.jpgJohn_Uni_20120913_059.jpgFilm Strip.jpg

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Natalie Maternity Shoot Part2

Hey again, after posting a few pics of Natalie and her daughter Freya yesterday here are a few of Natalie alone. I must commend Natalie for being  extremely patient throughout the shoot. Both sets ended up taking around 4 hours in total and she kept her smile throughout!

These shots were taken around 2 weeks before giving birth to their baby boy Charlie, who is¬†gorgeous¬†by the way ūüėČ

Love you Nat x



Click here for Part 1

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Natalie+Freya Maternity Shoot Part1

Ok, So this was my first shoot going for more of a style I’d like to keep with. I’m been loving¬†portraiture¬†that incorporates landscapes and the surroundings for a long time now. Most of my inspiration comes from an American duo in Philly called the Hoffers ( Check that site out – they are my fav photog’s by a country mile! If I could be anywhere close to as good as these guys I’d be a happy man!

Anyway, getting off the subject a wee bit here are the shots taken of sister in law Natalie before she had her baby, Charlie.

Check back tomorrow for the second post with Natalie flying solo!


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Model Shoot with Laura

Hi All, For my first post with some new pic’s I’m showing a shoot I done with my cousin Laura. I received a new piece of lighting kit, a small softbox, a couple of days prior to the shoot so¬†thought it was a good time to give it a whirl. It turned out to be very impressive and it’s now replaced my shoot through umbrella’s for portrait work. Here are a few pic’s and you can catch a few more over on my Facebook page.


Laura modelling-18.jpgLaura modelling-20.jpgLaura modelling-28.jpgLaura modelling-3.jpg

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